Heirloom Services


Build your legacy, preserve your well made memories

Heirlooms are your family’s old photographs, documents and videos digitized to bring your memories back to life. Handled with extreme care, our white glove service provides you with immediate security and access to your digital content. Our Legacy Collections come in simple to use digital formats and one of a kind, tailor-made albums and books.

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This is how tradition begins



Ship your photographs, documents, and video archives to Walker Photography Company Heirlooms Studio.


We digitize your entire archive by re-photographing old photos for optimum quality and resolution in the Walker Photography Heirlooms Studio.


We create a digital archive on USB and a digital download for your and your family to share and access immediately upon completion.


We create your Custom Designed Photo Albums, beautifully bound with hard cover, real photographic paper, backed by durable and tear proof cardboard, so that your family can enjoy them for generations to come.


Your physical archive (photo albums, books, video books, digital assets on USB, and your original printed assets and VHS, will be shipped back to you. Professionally packaged, insured and with tracking to ensure they arrive safely back to you.